Fenby is a work in progress concept. Currently, Fenby is only available in English. You must also grant permission for the app to use the microphone. We do hope to bring the Assistant to other languages and in the near future, and greatly enhance his skillset.

You can find "Fenby", our voice activated composer assistant image.png at the top of the Toolbar. Fenby will listen to your voice commands and apply changes in your score based on what you say.

Tap it, and he'll begin listening (and possibly looking around).


Start speaking to tell StaffPad what you want to do. The assistant will transcribe your speech the best it can, but also use language understanding models to try and interpret the spoken input.


If he successfully understands your command, it will say “Done!” and apply the command to your score. If not, you’ll see “Sorry, I didn’t get that.”


Here are some examples of what you can ask Fenby to do:

Adding instruments:
“Add strings”
“Add strings and woodwinds”
“Add a flute and a clarinet”
“Add two trumpets, two french horns and a tuba”
“Add brass”

Setting tempo:
“135 bpm” (“one thirty five bpm” or “one hundred and thirty five bpm” will both work)
“Set tempo to 140 bpm”
“Tempo is 150 bpm at bar 4”

Setting time signature:
“Change to 3/4 at bar 5″

Setting barlines:
“Double barline at bar 7”

Score navigation and playback:
“Go to bar 50”
“Play from the top”
“Play from bar 14”
“Play from rehearsal mark A”

Changing the clef:
“Change cello to tenor clef”

Setting the key signature:
“F major”
“Change to G major at bar 4”

Coda and repeats:
“Write To Coda at bar 4”
“D.S. al Coda at bar 20”
“Put To Coda at bar 10”
“Segno at bar 23”

Setting up the score:
“Add strings in 3/4, in F major at 140 bpm”

“Print to A3” (note that this won’t print; it’ll open the print dialog with the paper size set to A3)

“Share this score”

Asking for help:
“How do I set the tempo?”
“How can I change the key signature?


  Who is Fenby?

Fenby is named after Eric Fenby, a British amanuensis and composer.


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